Consumption vs Satisfaction

P.D. Tripp isn't making it easy for me this week in my blogging, but I am going to give it a go.
Tripp uses back to back chapters on Beauty and even uses the same verse.

How much more can be said about beauty?

Labor Day weekend had the opportunity for me to take an extra day off from my normal work schedule.  My daughter, wife, and I supported one of our neighboring communities and TKD school by being a part of the annual parade.   It was a small parade and we spent more time driving to/from than actually walking.

We took that afternoon and visited an expensive theater and watched "Pets 2"

That evening we went for dinner with my son who had to work.  We had planned on smoking ribs, but time got away from us, so we settled for going out to eat which brings me to my post.

Consumption vs Satisfaction

As we sat preparing to order, we all had picked items from the menu...
We received our meal and we began to eat.   The meal was average.  It temporarily filled the hole in our stomach, but was not a "stand out" meal.

As I read my devotion this morning a line jumped out at me.

"I confuse consumption with satisfaction"

Isn't this just like the created world?   Isn't this just like our sinful human nature?   To consume the things of this earth thinking it will fill the void, and for a short time it does, but it never satisfies.  It leaves us wanting more... wanting something better.   Wanting something that will fully quench the desire for more.

It's the lie that the enemy continues to whisper.  It's the half-truths that spill from his mouth.
It's the deception and the scamming that he crafts.  That there is more to be had in this created fallen world...  Why?  So that I take my eyes off what will truly satisfy, that will truly quench the desire for more, that will leave me fulfilled never needing or wanting more.  --- Jesus.


  1. Oh, so true, Ryan! Nothing in this world will ever satisfy us; that realm of satisfaction is found only in Jesus. The rest is just chasing the wind.

    1. Chasing the wind is a good picture... that is exactly what it is like.
      Thanks Martha!


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