A typical Sunday afternoon ritual for my family is where to eat.  It's been a tradition that was started over 20+ years ago before my wife an I were married.   The question is usually tossed out like this....

So... where are we going to eat today?    My oldest son usually works Sunday afternoons, so we have to keep it local which means a fairly limited selection of the mainstream fast-food restaurants, a couple big chain restaurants, a few pizza places, a Chinese buffet, a choice of not 1, not 2, but 3... Mexican restaurants, as well as a couple hometown establishments.

We have our favorites, but we typically narrow it down pretty quickly and the short list is usually decided by what someone is craving.

Perhaps craving is too strong a word to use as it is defined as "a powerful desire for something".

---If it were all that powerful, I don't think a discussion would have been needed.   Now on occasion, we have had a pretty quick request from one of us... Can we go to ___________?   I have really been craving _______________ food.

That is how my life should be with God.   I am really craving to know God more, I am going to set aside my best time and dig in, get close, and listen.  I am going to set aside all the other options that can fill my time and purposefully choose to spend time with God.  I am being drawn... "a powerful desire for God" - Craving God.

Father, I know my life is often all over the place with busyness.   I know my attention is like that of a dog that is focused until the squirrel catches his eye.   I know there I times where my heart, soul, and mind are not in it, that it isn't a craving, but I view it more as a responsibility or duty.   This is not where you want me to be.  Just like I don't want my kids to spend time with me  just because they feel they have to.   I want them to enjoy the time with me, to look forward to it, to desire it.  This is what you want from me.   Help me crave you. - Amen


  1. Oh, yes, Lord, let us all crave to be with You! Too many times, I, too, feel as though I'm spending time with God out of a sense of duty or responsibility. That is not healthy! And I love the illustration you gave us here, Ryan, of our own children spending time with us - we want them to want it, not just do it out of obligation. I'm sure that's how our Father in heaven feels, too.

    1. No it isn't healthy... in many ways it can damage the relationship.
      Thankful that God is full Grace and Forgiven me for those times as well.


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