Flipping the Switch

I decided to post a follow-up regarding our recent cruise experience.
The isolation of a large group of people in the ocean on a vessel seems to have a way of pulling people together.  I had mentioned the man who was fearful of the looming storm, but that was just one instance.

During our 4 day cruise we had the opportunity to enjoy a number of shows, trivia games, sing-a-longs, and even a Thriller dance lesson.  Many meals were eaten (more than should have been), elevators up and down, walks down the halls and simply sitting and enjoying the colors of the sunrise and sunset.

There were a number of times we simply chose to observe, but the energy does tend to draw one in.
My daughter wanted to do the Thriller dance lesson and her friend was set against it.  I decided to join her.  It was a fun and reasonably harmless way to engage in the activities and do something my daughter would enjoy.  To be honest it wasn't all that bad.

The social aspects of a cruise ship are somewhat of a challenge for me.  I have to consciously "flip a switch" in my head that says be social.  I would be content simply staying on the side lines.
This is not just the case for cruise, this is my practice in general.

On the last evening of the cruise after dinner there was an 80's music trivia.  Having grown up in the 80's, my wife and I thought this would be fun to watch.   In our typical fashion we found observed from the deck above the main event, however, the host to the event did a good job of getting everyone engaged by shaming their lack of enthusiasm.  This forced my switch to flip and so I began singing along and clapping my hands.  Thankfully the switch was flipped before the host's eye caught me.

I don't condone the use of public shaming necessarily, but sometimes people simply need encouraged to take part. Sometimes people need a little extra nudge.  I see this in church as well.  Whether it be during singing, interacting with others, or volunteering.   In those instances, the purpose for coming together is so much more important.  The purpose for coming together is eternal.   I need to learn to "flip the switch" a little more quickly and more frequently.  If I can do it on demand to avoid public shaming, I should be able to do it for a purpose far greater.


  1. Sounds like your time on the cruise was a lot like ours. We had fun with the trivia and musical shows. Several were just phenomenal. Unlike you though, I am an extreme extrovert. It took a lot for me (and Jo by proxy) to not talk and visit with others. But I'm not into public shaming either.

    1. Sounds like it... Your pictures are great. I need to get a few of mine posted, though yours will definitely be more picturesque with the glaciers and sites you seen. Mine will be primarily water and sky.

  2. Being an introvert myself, Ryan, I do consciously have to "flip the switch" when with others. More often than not, that effort is amazingly rewarding. But you're so right - it should never take public shaming for us to wake up to sharing God's love and promises. That should always be first and foremost, though I must confess, I've missed many opportunities to do so in my life. Determined, with you, to "flip that switch!"

    1. As you say, more often than not, the effort is rewarding. I have missed a fair share of opportunities as well.


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