God Is Closer Than I Think

My post this morning is going to include my thoughts from both my devotion and a sync group (small group) lesson from last night as I find them directly related.
My post from yesterday detailed the Need for Help...
I read my devotion again this morning and the following thought stuck out.
God is our ultimate helper in that He alone has the power to both help me with my internal weaknesses AND to remove external obstacles.
The problem is I tend to ignore the fact that God is close enough to see or help.

Last night our sync group started a study call "God Is Closer Than You Think".
The fresco painting "The Creation of Adam" was referenced in the lesson, but with a twist that I had not seen before.

Image result for god adam 
Notice how God above is fully outstretched out to touch Adam.  Adam on the other hand is reclined back, wrist bent, and his finger is pointed down.

Hand of God reaching out to Adam who receives it 
I am not an artist, I don't take credit for this interpretation... and I have not given it any thought before the lesson last night of the possible meaning behind this, whether it is intentional or not.
All Adam would have to do is lift his finger to touch God...
The gap is small, could be none existent.
That is how close God is to me.  All God wants is just a little faith, a little step toward him, maybe just a raise of a finger in acknowledgment that He is Who He Says He Is.
I am Adam and I need God's touch.  I need God's help for my internal weaknesses and my external obstacles.  I can't do it alone.

How about you?


  1. Count me in as one needing that touch Ryan. Each day it seems I am becoming more and more aware of how little I am capable on my own and how much more I need Him.

    1. I am right there with you. Desperate at times, just needing intervention... But God wants more than to intervene... He wants my heart.

  2. Ryan, as many times as I've seen this painting, I never caught the "body language" of Adam's less-than-ardent finger "sort of" reaching back to God. You can see the adamant motion of God determined to reach out to humanity. Oh, that we would have the vigor to reach back, knowing the Lord is there for us fully. Yes, He wants our hearts.

    1. That hit me as well. It's not even that subtle. I will never see the picture the same again and it will remind me of how much God wants to pursue me, but still wants me to reach out to him.


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