We recently rented and drove from our home the 16 or so hours to Port Canaveral for the cruise that we enjoyed.

Many of our family memories are centered around the road trip.   One of the memories made this trip was driving an unfamiliar car.    We own late model vehicles as we try to maintain a debt free lifestyle, other than our home.  This is beneficial in many ways, but dependability can sometimes be an issue.   Our last long road trip resulted in over 3000 dollars in repairs for our late model Excursion while 1000's of miles away from home.

So, we rent the car, get it home, pack it and we are off.  Not long before being on the road, I start noticing some strange behavior with the cruise control.   The car has a built in front obstruction sensor that detects when there may be an obstruction and will alter the speed of the cruise control to match that of the the obstruction, or car in front.   Additionally, the car will automatically brake if the obstruction appears to be closer than it should.

Sounds great, right?   It is unless the sensor is faulty.   After a couple hours of driving the continued alerting of the sensor was enough for me to research how to turn the sensor off.    Some of our research indicated that a faulty sensor could result in abrupt automatic breaking of the vehicle.  Apparently, it is a known issue, but a fix has not yet been identified.

This got me thinking this morning.  Are my spiritual sensors in need of cleaning?  Are my spiritual sensors in need of re-calibration?  Are my spiritual sensors in need of replacement?  
Have I turned off any sensors that I should have on because the "alerts" were going off too much?
Perhaps the sensors weren't faulty, perhaps I was driving to close to the car in front of me.  I don't think that is the case with the vehicle, but perhaps my spiritual sensors have gone off due to being to close to an obstruction with my relationship with my Father in Heaven.  

Father, my prayer this morning is for a re-alignment and cleaning of my spiritual sensors.  My prayer is for your continual monitoring of the environment around me and within me and that you would alert me at the first sign of an obstruction.  Apply my brakes and adjust my speed control to avoid going where I shouldn't.  Unlike the car that can be faulty, you are perfect and I need all the sensors I can get.


  1. I recently drove a Penske truck from Ohio to Spencer and it had a sensor that told me I was too close to the vehicle in front of me, even if he just passed me. Fortunately, it was quiet. That thing you had would have driven me nuts...not a good way to start a vacation. :) Good application too Ryan. I am trying to recalibrate right now. Not an easy thing to do.

    1. It is interesting, after this post... my "Spider Senses" are starting to tingle a bit more. Had some good conversations on Saturday with Amanda and all my adult children while driving home from Greenwood. Then again on Sunday.
      I feel my sensors may be picking up something.

  2. "Re-alignment and cleaning of my spiritual sensors." Oh, Ryan, isn't that exactly what we all need, almost on a daily basis? May we all raise our God-antenna to hear the first alerts of what could be impeding our path going forward with Him.
    And just an aside, I drive a 2006 Scion; no fancy features for which I'm thankful. I'd rather pray before I take a trip, trusting that God's protection is all I need.

    1. No doubt Martha, my antenna need to be on high alert at the moment.
      Would appreciate your prayer that the Holy Spirit intervene and provide me with the necessary discernment.


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