Peace and War

Sometimes it is easy to forget that a war is still going on.
A house to live in....
A car to drive...
Food on the table...
My kids stopping by..

Though the war has been won and I know the victor,
The enemy hasn't stopped working to distract and destroy what he can.

The battle rages both internally and externally.  In the battlefield of the the mind, the enemy plants His propaganda.  He may even use those that are trusted.  Subtle comments, subtle hints of dissuasion, purposeful distraction... Perhaps incorporated with truth, but to drive a different agenda.

Externally, perhaps a relationship gone bad, a lost job, a broken car, a burnt house, a sickness, or death.

What I tend to forget at times is that the brokenness, the sorrow, the pain... These are casualties of a war being fought right now.  A war primarily being fought, not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm. The injuries often go unseen and remain untreated.  Not because the medic is not available, but because the injured haven't realized the depth or seriousness of the injury.

What is my job within the war?  What is my duty as a Christian?  I believe it is search and rescue.
My job is not to poke my finger into the wound and ask if it hurts, then point the fallen to the hospital and hope they can drag their self to get help.  

My devotion this morning reminded me that we are still in a war... despite knowing the victor.
Despite being on the winning side, the battles still rage on.   Vigilance is needed now more than ever to stay the course, to stay engaged, to do what is necessary.  To recover as many of the fallen as absolutely possible.



  1. You are absolutely, 100% correct Ryan. We are still in a war and will be in it until Jesus comes to conquer all and say, "Enough is enough!" Until then...battle faces on. Hearts prepared. Armor on.

  2. Yes, the battles, the spiritual warfare, still go on, whether we are conscious of it or not. Jesus, of course, we know has the ultimate victory, but we do have to stay vigilant against the wiles of the evil one. He certainly knows how to prey upon our anxieties and insecurities. Let us put on the full armor of God each and every day.


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