Physical Beauty No More

This passed year I had an opportunity to spend some time with an individual as part of a small group at our local church.  Danny, often identified as one of the ushers, was so much more.
He brought life into the room.  His sense of humor was second to none and we would cut up frequently when we got together.

Last night I attended a meeting to discuss a possible Haiti mission trip that is occurring in Februray.
I am still on the fence as to whether or not it is going to happen, but that is not the point of this post.
What I discovered about Danny as I was surrounded by a number of men was that Danny gave of himself often.  He had been on no less than 6 trips to Haiti and had assisted with at least 4 different post-Hurricane trips.   The stories shared gave me new insight into the man I had grown to know a little.

What else I didn't know was the number of close friends Danny surrounded himself with.  It was really no surprise as he is very likable.

Over the last few months, Danny has been battling Cancer and Leukemia.  The cancer and surgeries resulted in Danny losing a portion of his skull.  Last night during our meeting Danny went home.

One thing is for sure, there is no more deformation.  There is no more pain for Danny, no more suffering.   Danny will be deeply missed.   As we gathered last night to begin the meeting, we prayed that God would bring Danny home.  God heard our prayers, and before the meeting had ended, Danny was dancing and singing before His Father in Heaven.

The physical beauty is temporary, the beauty that comes through our Father in Heaven is eternal.
No doubt, Danny's departure from this Earth will leave a hole in the hearts of many.  Even for the brief time I had to spend with him, he has left a hole in mine...  Please pray for his family and friends with me that they would celebrate his life and continue to remember the impact he made in the lives of many.


  1. Ryan, I will most definitely keep Danny's family and friends in my prayers. So, so sorry for your loss, my friend.

    1. Thank you Martha, Danny will surely be missed, but thankful He is celebrating now.


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