The God Constant

Back in the late 90's, I was about to start my last semester in college when I applied for a systems integration position at a local hospital.  I honestly did not think I would get the position, however after a couple weeks I was called for an interview.  Little did I know how unprepared I was to take on this important position.  I was provided a couple books and a training videos, but quickly realized how in over my head I had become.

You see I had no track record.  I had a couple years of various programing courses at the state university I had attended, but this was the real deal.  I discussed the concerns I had with my hiring manager and requested that if we could find a consultant to come in for a couple days, I could shadow through some of the more complex steps and points of confusion. I believed that little nudge would help me accomplish what needed to be done.

Measuring potential....
We all do it whether we know it or not.

Most people base their potential on their proven track record from the past in comparison to the size of the task that is in front of them.  

Scientists use formulas to measure potential.
For example, the following formula for measuring potential energy is.
P.E. = mgh
Potential Energy = mass * acceleration due to gravity * height

Only if our potential could be measured so easily...

There is one limiting factor that most fail to include in the equation of individuals.
I like to call it the God Constant.

I have forgotten it a time or two when factoring my potential.

Here is my rough formula for measuring potential -- I just made this up...

(s+d)at = g
(skill + determination) *aptitude * time  = goal

 The missing constant is God, lets add that to the equation.

((s+d)at)^G = g

What this says... take my previous equation and take it to the power of God... which is infinite.

The interesting thing about this equation is that the "g" has to be qualified.
g has to be in God's plan.

It's hokey I know, but the point is that many of us fail to factor in God when we are tasked with something.

God can take our limitations and raise them to the "power" that is needed to accomplish the tasks he has set before us.

Looking back to the late 90's, I was a young Christian.  I remember having many evenings leaving work and not having a clue how I would proceed the next day.  I prayed, asked God for direction, and things worked out. 

Stepping forward over twenty years... I am in the same field.  I now have experience in a number of interface engines.  I am the one being called to help the individual that lacks the confidence or the skills needed to accomplish the tasks at hand.

I really believe that many of the accomplishments I have been able to take credit for would not have been possible without the intervention of God.   I don't believe in coincidence, I do believe in the God Constant.


  1. Your math lost me but not your God constant. You know I don't do math very well. Okay not at all. :) But i do like the God constant you talk about. I also do not believe in coincidences but I like your idea of GC.

    1. The good news is the math doesn't matter when you factor in the infinite power of God. God will achieve what he wants to achieve.

  2. The God Constant - I love this concept, Ryan! We do have to trust that He will use the abilities and talents we have to achieve the goals He has in mind for us. And not being a math person, I did get a bit lost in that part of the equation, but the answer makes perfect sense.

    1. Thanks Martha, the idea just helps me realize that even with all I can contribute, God is really the power to make it happen.


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