When You Are Wronged

It is natural for me to want to retaliate when you have been wronged.  My old self wants to come out and lash back.  My old self wants to get even.  My old self wants God to  dispense His wrath to those who have wronged.  I fail to realize in those moments the times I have wronged others.
CycleGuy posted a verse today on his blog that I think touches on this.

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.” (v.12)

There have been times where I have been wronged to the point of hatred.  Thankfully, those times occur far less as I get older (and hopefully a little wiser).  However, it is something I still need to guard against.

In the town in which I reside, construction of the new Interstate has begun.  The primary highway on the edge of town that separates the town from many of the local eateries and shopping locations is in disarray.  What use to take a few minutes can now take much longer.  Stoplights are often ignored and the idea of how a merge should work seem foreign to most people.  It is frustrating to see a lane not being used for miles simply because people want to merge so quickly.   What is misunderstood is that often there are vehicles that are needing to make a turn, but are caught up in a single lane for miles.
What makes matters worse is when someone tries to actually use a zipper merge as it is designed and faces the honking, lane blocking, and obscene gestures... because they are trying to do it right.

Notice the delay the first method causes while the second provides for almost normal driving speeds.
I didn't realize that this was going to be a PSA before I started, but here it is.
I have digressed.

P.D. Tripp outlines some common responses for when wrong has been committed.  Here are some...
Do I replay the event over and over in my mind?
Perhaps I allow fear to overcome me on what could happen next.
Do I fantasize and rationalize how I could even the score?
Do I allow what has happened to negatively impact my good habits, like prayer, and devotions?
Do I begin to doubt God?

So back to the details above... I have been guilty of the "fantasizing" on how to even the score.
I have done so even to the point where my wife was telling me I was giving her anxiety about driving the portion of the highway with me.   

I wasn't going to bash cars, though my late model could stand replacement.  I simply fantasized about driving that portion of the highway back and forth for an hour or so to see if I could actually make it up to the point at which we are to merge.  I wanted to video all the gestures and all the lane blocking that was occurring...  

Needless to say, not the appropriate response to being wronged.   My response should be keeping a joyful heart, keeping my focus on God, and allowing the Love of God to flow through to those around me.... even those who block lanes in my life.

Have a good day!



  1. Not sure what happened but the whole feed showed up in Feedly but not on your blog. Least the comment box showed up. :) Thanks for the shout out Ryan. but also thanks for the good word. Frustration is often the downfall of many. I think because we are in such a hurry. I saw this on our trip...on a ship no less...that wasn't going anywhere but in the water! Selfishness abounded. I try not to be one of those people.

    1. Our turn to head out now... Thanks for commenting.. Would love to share adventure stories when we get back. I agree with not wanting to be "that guy"


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