Being Graced With Wait

As I get older, I am realizing there is a blessing in the wait.  I don't recognize it all the time.  I don't appreciate it all the time, but I do often realize it after it is said and done.

Why is that?

God uses the wait.  God uses the time to help me grow.  God uses the wait to help me see that despite my wants and what I think is best for me, it usually isn't.   If I didn't have the wait, I would only move into trouble faster.  The obstacles I often experience can really be guard rails to prevent from going off the side of a cliff.

The wait is important.  The wait helps me see that despite my best plans, despite my best attempts, despite my best desire, until my focus is shifted to the one in control, there will be delay. 

Even when my focus is on God, there may be delay if the timing is just not right.  Perhaps, yes perhaps, God has more in mind than just my experience and my opportunity.   Perhaps the timing of God's execution may just may be used for someone else.   Perhaps my involvement in  a situation is a secondary consideration at the moment where in my mind I get no benefit.

I need to remember that I am God's and not my own.
He has my best interest and the best interest of others in mind.
His plans are perfect, His timing is perfect, His execution is perfect.

I need to remember that God is working in the midst of a broken world.
I need to remember that God allows my free will and the free will of others.
I need to remember that God is patient and will never fail.

Instead of being frustrated, irritated and angry with the wait.... I need to remember that I have been graced with waiting.


  1. Graced with waiting . . .
    Yes, Ryan, be are, infinitely blessed and filled with God's infinite grace when we sit and wait upon Him. He is working in this world, even when we fail to see it, and when we simply fail. May His grace and love fill us with that peace that passes all understanding.
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. God uses the wait. That about says it all. you have delineated how He does.

    1. There is always purpose in the wait, sometimes I just can't see it.


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