Darkness of War

As I continued on through my devotion this morning, the darkness of the evil that inhabits this world came to my mind.  The pain, the suffering, the hatred, the violence, the sickness, the poverty, the disease, the death.

None of this is what should have been.  None of this is what was created.  This was all born out of rebellion and rejection.  This was all born out of lies and half-truths. 

I have a choice to make... to be a carrier of light or an extinguisher of light.
I have a choice to make... to stand with my God or to bow to my enemy.
I have a choice to make... to live as God designed me or be manipulated into something I am not.

The title of the chapter this week is "Watch Out for the Flesh Eaters!"

I think of zombies with their hands outstretched as I navigate through life.  Ripping, tearing, gouging as they try to rip me apart from the inside out.  -- I know it's graphic, but sin isn't pretty.

May God be my beacon of light that I keep my focus on.  May I not be discouraged with works of the enemy, but be encouraged by the grace and power of my God.
I pray that God carry me through the times I cannot walk.  May God guide me down the paths that are illuminated.   I pray that God guard my heart, my mind, my soul from the attacks that come both from the inside and the outside. - Amen


  1. It has to be a constant prayer for vigilance and strength when we consider the enemy's tactics and uncanny ability to relentlessly pursue us in our weaknesses. Amen to your prayer.

  2. Amen is right, Ryan! May God protect us from all those attacks from within and without. May we seek His light and His truth always.


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