Flesh Eaters

The title of my post is "Flesh Eaters".  A morbid thought to be honest.  This comes straight from the title of the Chapter I am reading, "What Out For the Flesh Eaters!"

I had to include it sometime this week as this is what the enemy does.
It feasts on our flesh, our worldly desires, the sin and the evil of this world.

Just like most living things, the enemy will not stop consuming.
There is no rest, there is no taking a break, no place to hide outside of one.
Too many roads lead down the path of destruction, to being consumed.
Only one road leads to safety, security, assurance.

Do not think that playing the game of hide and seek is safe...It is not.
It is not a game and you will be found.  Your flesh will be eaten.

The only way to stop the feeding frenzy is to be surrounded by the majesty and protection of God.
To be encompassed with His beauty, His Glory, His Power.
Though God is available all around us and even within us...We have to be willing to stay within His presence.  Stepping away even for a moment, leaves us unprotected.

Father, surround me, encompass me.  Draw me into your presence constantly.  Encircle me  and protect me.  Only you can save me from the flesh eater.


  1. When I think of flesh eaters I think of a flesh-eating bacteria that will eventually takes a person's life if not checked or a piranha that will totally obliterate the fish population. i see the enemy being like that. I echo your prayer.

    1. Flesh-eating bacteria is right... it will consume you from both the inside and the outside.

  2. Yes, Ryan, a rather repulsive image, I must confess, but the truth of the matter is, that's exactly what the enemy is doing. We can't afford to step away for one moment! Again, the armor of God comes into play; may there not be a crevice open in ours.

    1. The armor of God is always a factor for sure, and may there not be a crevice open in ours... I haven't given that much thought before, but the armor is there. I c an put it on, but if I just slap it on carelessly, I may still be vulnerable. Thanks for the contribution.


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