Heart Condition

As a man in my 40's and with a family history of heart issues, the condition of my heart is something I keep on my mind.  I strive to have yearly checkups and stay somewhat physical.  My dietary choices have probably contributed to my need to be on a couple medications, though my dosage has remained the minimum since I have started the regimen.

The heart is an important organ, it pumps blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body.  The heart carries away the waste products and the CO2. 

The heart has a deeper more important purpose in the life of a Christian.  Though the actual organ is likely not what is being referred to, the core of the person, the center, the character, the inner being where decisions are made... This is what is referred to as the heart of man when described in the Bible.

More important than our physical heart health is our spiritual heart health.

The chapter in my devotion this week is titled "Losing Heart".
When the physical heart is not functioning at peak capacity there will be issues.  Loss of breath, pains, lack of energy, ultimately it can lead to a heart attack and death.

What about the spiritual heart?
For the remainder of this week I'll be parsing through the chapter and pulling out my thoughts.

A couple questions to ponder...

What causes a person to lose heart?
Where am I placing my hope?

The heart is vital to survive, in today's modern age of medicine the physical heart can be transplanted, pace makers can be inserted to help keep a rhythm, or even an artificial heart can be put in to keep the blood pumping for a time.

What about the spiritual heart?  There is good news there as well.  God is the great physician and can restore a broken or lost heart to full function.    A chapter I need to pay close attention to this week.

Have a great remainder of the week! 


  1. With regard to the physical heart, I can so relate as Danny has a pacemaker - without it, he would no longer be with us . . .
    But our spiritual hearts are, pardon my pun, at the heart of the matter, aren't they? I'll be looking forward to your reflections in the days to come, Ryan.

    1. The physical heart is temporary, the spiritual heart will stay with us forever. Thankfully it will continue to be transformed.

  2. How important is the heart? Important enough for Solomon to tell us "to keep our heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life." Thanks for the gut check, or is that heart check?


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