Heart Transplant

As I was reading my devotion this morning something hit me.  I recognize that Bill (Cycleguy) and Martha (Meditation of my Heart) are my primary commenters.   However, I do see where my page does get some occasional additional hits.

I'll be honest, my purpose for blogging was not for readers, though that is a bonus.
The purpose of my blog was not to have comments, again a nice bonus.

The purpose of my blog was to keep me moving forward.  Several years ago Bill and a number of other men started out reading and sharing comments via email.  This helped to pull me out of a funk I had been in and begin taking steps forward.   This continued for nearly two years until it was primarily Bill and myself. 

Bill had also provided a number of books for me to read which has helped me to keep moving forward.  Several have been authored by Paul David Tripp and a SHELTER in the time OF STORM has been my primary devotional for this blog.

Martha has been a steady reader and commenter to my blog and has provided much encouragement as well.  I have been increasingly encouraged by her posts and her friendship...

Why do I say this?   Not sure, just was on my heart this morning.
One thing I am sure is there may be others that visit on occasion or make a single stop and I do not want to take that for granted either. 

I have lost a couple of relatives as a result of suicide over the years.  I believe the primary reason is the loss of hope. The lack of desire to continue. The feeling of being unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated. 

I googled depression and this was a response I got back for being the cause:

"Possible causes include a combination of biological, psychological, and social sources of distress. Increasingly, research suggests these factors may cause changes in brain function, including altered activity of certain neural circuits in the brain."

I think there is one significant component that is missing from the above combinations....

One thing I am pretty certain of is that without Christ in my life, without a "heart transplant".
I would have probably been on the list of those who have fallen.  When all that you have put your hope in falls apart in front of you and there is nothing left... then the purpose for living seems not existent.   However, when one chooses to live their life for a purpose that is greater than our own, for a purpose that is permanent, for a purpose that has eternal impact and meaning.  Then even when the world comes crashing down around you... and it will, the Hope of Christ and His eternal purpose can carry you through.

Just to be completely transparent, because we live in a fallen world, our bodies, our minds, our circumstances don't simply change when we choose to follow Christ.  There will likely still be the need to seek help from professionals.  That being said, I don't think we can ignore the spiritual aspect of depression.

If your struggling, know that I am praying for you today.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Ryan. I think one of my ideas was that men's group reading and commenting to each other. It, like you, has spurred me forward to journal every day and to keep blogging and commenting. Thanks for the challenge each day you blog. I look forward to your insights. I am blessed you are my friend. Okay...enough head swelling. :) Your comment about hope and suicide are on the money. The more reading I do about it, the more convinced I am of that, whether that depression be from a chemical imbalance or from life out of control, it is a tragic road. I pray for those who struggle with those thoughts.

    1. No problem Bill, thank you for your ongoing friendship as well!

  2. Oh, Ryan, please know that it is my honor and privilege to not just read your blogs, but commenting on them, too. As a fellow blogger, I can certainly relate to the need for support and feedback. Your blog is stellar, and you always make me reflect upon where I am in my journey with Jesus.
    I must agree, too, that spiritual health needs to be taken into the equation of clinical depression. For so many people, life seems hopeless because they haven't either heard of or embraced the love and grace the Lord offers to us day after day. I know, because of some bipolar and similar disorders that family members experience, that getting better comes not just from medication, but from a deep-seated faith.
    I'll share this post on Facebook, my friend, and pray it goes viral!

    1. Thanks Martha, those are kinds words. Thanks for praying!

  3. I'm one of the ones that are reading, yet not commenting enough, sorry about that! :)

    I've been battling depression for...well forever almost. It started when I was very young.
    But after years of dealing with it, I finally had enough. I drew my sword, and wham, bam, chop... started swinging back.

    The loss of hope is certainly the biggest key in terms of why people kill themselves. Many just can't seem to see past tomorrow. Many don't realize their situation is just temporary and choose not to ride it out.

    1. Sorry if I alienated or guilted a comment, that was not the intent. However, I am glad you posted and I love that you drew your sword! I am praying for you specifically that your battle will come to a victorious defeat of your enemy and free you to join other equally important battles. May your hope never be lost.


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