Runaway Heart

Why do some people lose hope?  Why have I, at times, lost the enthusiasm to continue.  Why does the thought of giving up often make its way into our mind.  To quote Tripp,  "What causes a person to lose heart?"

When motivation begins to wane, what is the reason?  Perhaps it is the obstacles we encounter, maybe significant opposition.  What if the struggles are more difficult than anticipated.

Is it a job that maybe is adding to the frustration, a manager or boss that seems to change the rules with each day.

Is it a project that seems impossible to complete, to many tasks, not enough time?

Is it a marriage that after a few years in doesn't seem as rosy as the honeymoon?

Is it a child that you have raised and you love that is entering a season of life that makes it challenging to be in the same room?

Is it a God that hasn't provided everything you want or eliminated the issues above that makes it difficult to worship and engage like you once did?

All of the above at times... all of the above.

More than once my heart has screamed... "RUNAWAY".
But why... why is my heart screaming to runaway?

The why is in the form of a question that comes straight out of the end of the chapter...

"Where is  my hope disappointing me because itis simply the wrong hope?"
"What hope in a person, thing, or circumstance has a wall built around my heart?"

Placing my hope in the temporary, the imperfect, the flawed will certainly give my heart cause to want to runaway...  My heart can't rely on that.  Without purpose, without proper exercise without proper care, my heart will fail...  Hope is pacemaker to the spiritual heart.   


  1. They say we can live so long without water, so long without food, but not a day without hope. Sadly there are people every day who are that way. But then are those, like you mention, who have hope but it is in the wrong thing. I pray my hope will always be found in Christ. While I can't see Him, I can know Him and His presence. That sustains me.

    1. I think I would agree a day without hope would be my demise.

  2. Hope is definitely our spiritual pacemaker, Ryan. Well said!


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