I remember as a child building various forts with my siblings and occasionally neighbors or friends that would join in on the construction.  They came in all shapes and sizes.  Many injuries were endured  through the acquisition of supplies, the build, and the eventual use of the forts.

One particular fort I remember wasn't very easily defensible.  The location of this fort was nestled in the woods with a large number of trees surrounding it.  We had cut some trees and made a double lean to not much different than the picture below.

Image result for double lean to 

Instead of leaves, we used pine limbs with their needles to cover the sides.

What we didn't count on was coming back the next day to having snakes literally falling from the trees onto our fort.    The first one hit and we quickly retrieved and eliminated the threat.  The second one fell shortly after and that one also became a victim to ignorance and fear.  When the third one fell, we abandoned hope on the shelter created.  The stronghold had failed.

How much this is like life.  Walls erected, shelter sought, only to be invaded.   This is the world we live.  This is the lives we live.  This is our reality.   There really isn't any place to hide.  To quote Tripp, "This world, broken by sin, really is a dangerous place."

The truth is, there is really only one impenetrable stronghold, but it requires a shift in thought.  It requires a shift in my mind.  It requires me to relinquish my control, my fear, my anxiety, my expectations.

Psalm 27:16b
The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

This doesn't mean I will not face trouble, this does not mean I will not be in danger.  This does not mean I will not be sinned against.  This just means that despite what I go through, God has a plan to see me through to the end.

As young teenagers with a plan, and as with most adults... self included at times... When that stronghold failed, we built another one.  Sure it was better, it was more defensible, but it still had its weaknesses.  It was also temporary.

A question to ponder this week straight from chapter 38.
"When you're in danger or feeling discourage, where do you tend to run?"

Let me ask it another way.... What stronghold do you tend to run for when you are feeling in danger or discouraged?




  1. When I'm feeling endangered or discouraged, my journey with God has convinced me to run to Him, full throttle! The Lord has truly amazed me as of late as to how He is in control, and will check my impulses to throw in the towel. I, we, need only trust in Him for everything we need, everything we could ever want. This world is a dangerous place, but God is our stronghold, always.
    Blessings, Ryan!

    1. I need to check my impulses more... I need to remember the stronghold and who it is. Thanks for your comment Martha.

  2. Snakes. Why'd if have to be snakes? Me & Indy stand together. I would have abandoned it as soon as the first one fell. As for my stronghold: I have only one who stands. The psalmist says God is that stronghold. I will cling to Him.

    1. Right, snakes!!!! This post is a reminder that I need to cling to Him more. Thanks Bill.


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