The Waiting Game

Who likes to wait?  I suspect very few people.  I don't like lines, I don't like traffic slowdowns, I don't like sitting in the physician office 20 minutes past my scheduled appointment.  I don't like waiting.
The waiting game implies fun, and I don't see the fun in it.

Waiting is a fact of life.  It starts at conception and for 9 months I had to wait to see the light of day.

Waiting is everywhere... stop lights, stop signs, draw bridges (not so much back in Indiana), cross arms for trains.   It seems where ever I may be, I am going to be waiting on something.
From stores to restaurants to bus stops to airports.   I will probably have to wait in line when I die.

For all I know there will be a line at the pearly gates.

Why is waiting so much a struggle?  Why is it I get impatient at times?

This week I am reading through "Why I Hate to Wait"
I think I see why... not sure I like the answer.

I will leave with this verse...

"Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!"
Psalm 27:14

Now we will wait until tomorrow to continue.
Enjoy today for God has made it!


  1. "I will probably have to wait in line when I die . . ." Ryan, I know I probably shouldn't laugh, but this struck me so funny! No, none of us like to wait, although the verse you posted from Psalm 27 has been a great comfort to me. Reminds me that everything in in God's time, not mine. Looking forward to reading more tomorrow!

    1. Glad it brought a chuckle... Have to be light hearted and laugh. Keeps me from getting more irritated.

  2. I got to this a day late Ryan but you know why. I didn't have to wait. i was the first in line. LOL We leave today for Ohio and will take a different route than I-70 because of the waiting in line while traffic (excuse me- drivers) acts stupid. I'm not very patient sometimes. I need to learn how to wait.

    1. I hope your drive was less waiting and more moving. I would prefer to drive an extra 30 minutes than sit in traffic for 15. I know, doesn't make sense,but I would rather be moving than waiting. I hope your birthday, game, and visit were enjoyable!


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