All Fogged Up

The ability to see clearly is important.  Now that I have been wearing glasses for a number of years, one thing that continues to annoy me is when my glasses fog up.

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One of the reasons I tried switching to contacts was to avoid this, though it comes with it's own set of annoyances.  When this happens, I usually have to let the temperature of the frames balance out with the temperature of the air.  I may have to wait until the let the brow of my head stop sweating and will probably need to wipe off the fog.

The process is even more important with seeing the beauty of God.   Too many times I let the circumstances of life, the busyness of the day, the unbridled decisions of my heart... fog up the eyes of my heart.  Unlike my glasses, those times can go unnoticed longer than they should.

Why do I continue to walk around nearly blind, continuing to bump into things?   Why don't I take the immediate action of wiping off the fog?   Stopping for a moment and allowing my heart to balance out with God?  Wiping off the crud off my heart that continues to contribute to the fog? Clearing the fog itself.

God provides the tools, the cleaning cloth if you will, through His Spirit, through His Word, through our Prayer...   When things look like they are a bit foggy... its time to pull them out and give a good cleaning.


  1. Having cataract surgery has shown me a "new light" and a new way of seeing things clearly. Except when reading that is. But things are clearer and colors brighter than they have been for years with the clouds gone. i can easily make the transition to sight in my eyes. I pray for clearer vision.

    1. Praying for clearer vision, a prayer we should all pray, thanks for commenting Bill!

  2. I wore contacts for YEARS, Ryan. After having much-needed cataract surgery in my left eye over a year ago, I'm still wearing one in my right, as that surgery is not yet required. I can tell you this - before I had the surgery, I thought I was seeing fine, thank you very much, but the difference afterward? Why, I realized I had been going about in a fog! How much more than is it necessary that we examine the eyes of our hearts, to wipe them clean of misty grime, and we might see God's will with clarity and honesty?
    Beautiful reflection, my friend!

    1. Thank you Martha. Clear sight, the only way to see God's will with clarity and honesty.


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