Two holiday seasons approach, yet the first is almost always disregarded commercially in efforts to capitalize on the second. I realize others may celebrate other dates or season, but my focus will be on the two my family celebrate this time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I guess it is hard to capitalize a great deal on being thankful, yet I do tend to react a bit when I see Christmas lights, trees, and Christmas decor abound before we have even given Thanksgiving a single thought.

I'll be honest, I don't hang decorations up for Thanksgiving either and would probably do far less for Christmas if my daughter didn't get so excited with the decorating.

My devotion this morning comes from this verse...

"For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in."
Psalm  27:10

Not a pleasant thought... especially near the holidays.   Generally our family tries to visit and take part in the various holiday dinners that are prepared and the family gatherings that are scheduled.
This Thanksgiving will be a little different.

Due to split families and such, there are multiple gatherings that have been scheduled.
All are at 1:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day.   To make it more difficult, my oldest works from 3:00 - 11:00 Thanksgiving Day and the drive to any of the gatherings would leave him celebrating Thanksgiving alone.

We decided to have a small Thanksgiving Meal at home this year, have it early, and allow at least immediate family the opportunity to celebrate, visit, and have a meal together.

I don't think my mom will forsake me for that, nor do I think Amanda's family will forsake her... but one thing I do know...

God will never forsake me.

Despite my actions, my rebellion, my decisions, my doubts, my Father in Heaven will continually love me and call me His own.   His grace is endless... This is something to be Thankful for!


  1. How scandalous! How rebellious this is of you! Just kidding of course. This sounds like my idea of a quiet Thanksgiving. Hope you have what you need. But I am most definitely grateful for God never forsaking me.

    1. I know... Wouldn't be the first, won't be the last for being accused of being rebellious... Good that God does not forsake me even in my rebellion.

  2. Yes, Ryan, I do think both families will understand your decision, and not "abandon" either you or Amanda. Sure, it's difficult to break with what's been a family tradition for ages, but circumstances do change, and we all need to learn to be flexible. Now, tell that to my 91-year-old mother, who expects all immediate family at her house for Thanksgiving, and she would NOT be a happy camper. Yes, of course, we're all going, and Danny will do most of the cooking.
    So comforting to know our Father will never forsake us.

    1. I know they will, we just found out my second man child is working in the morning... so looks like we will be having two Thanksgiving meals at home. Our sons can wave at each other on the way through. As nice as rooted family traditions are... there is something to be said about being flexible.

  3. If you get a chance take a glance at my post...I decided to just plain have fun instead of being so frustrated at Christmas before Thanksgiving.. I you can't lick the, join them, so I did.

    1. I read your post... not sure I am ready to deck the halls yet, but a song or two I may be able to contribute to.


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