It's A Beautiful Day

Last evening I had the opportunity to take my family to a movie that would generally not been on my radar to watch at a theater.   I save the quiet and emotional movies for watching at home typically, and tend to spend a few extra dollars to go watch epic battles on the big screen...

That being said, the pastors that lead our church decided that a newly released movie was worth advertising and reserving a theater for our private viewing.  We decided to take part and purchased the tickets and enjoyed the evening with a couple long time friends along with my two youngest.

The movie... "Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood".   I'll be the first to admit, that this was not my typical genre of movie I would watch, but it was wholesome.   It was good.  I grew up seeing a few episodes of Mr. Rogers.  I knew the iconic theme song, and the red cardigan, but what I didn't grasp as a child was that for Mr. Rogers, the show was simply an extension of who he was.

I'll be honest, it had me interested enough to come home and watch another film on Amazon that followed an individual that was truly Mr. Rogers neighbor.  This film also provided insight into who Mr. Rogers was.

Neither movie was a biography, but now I am interested in finding a book on the man as well.

Let me just say if Mr. Rogers was half as kind, half as personable, half filled with the love, half as a the man he is portrayed in the film... He would have been one of the nicest, most enjoyable, most desirable people to be around.

His attention to the individual he is speaking to was astounding and something that should be what we all desire to be.   The movie was based on true accounts, however, the movie itself follows a fictional writer's life that interacts with Fred Rogers throughout the movie.

It is a great movie, one worth watching again... and I don't say that about many movies.
Trailer below...


  1. My kids LOVED watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood when they were young! I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, Ryan. Thanks for the review here, and I'll be sure to take my Kleenex!

    1. Your welcome, Martha... and yes, definitely take Kleenex.


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