Dreams, desires, expectations, wants... not bad to have and may even drive some happiness in our lives when received, realized, or accomplished.

Happiness is flighty.  It generally comes as a emotional response to something good happening.
However, as quickly as happiness comes, it can depart and leave sadness in its wake.
Good news followed by bad news generally doesn't simply even our emotions out.   Something more is needed, something deeper, something that really cannot be obtained on our own.


I read a number of definitions of joy.  I am not about redefining a word, but I think the definitions I have read do not give joy nearly credit that is due.  Perhaps it is like the word love that is thrown around to include everything from your favorite - fill in the blank -
I LOVE eggnog
I LOVE this outfit
I LOVE your hairstyle
I LOVE my new car

I think Joy too deserves a bit more recognition than an emotional response to gift received.

Joy comes from God, like Love it is one of the gifts of the spirit.

Rick Warren defines joy as the following:
"Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be alright and the determined choice to praise God in every situation."

I think that is closer to my expectation of a God given joy.

In finishing up my reading of "The Good Life".... I think the key is not to focus on the unfulfilled dreams or desires... it is to focus on what God has already provided.  Simply being a child of God makes my life Good.  Everything else is bonus.    If my dreams are fulfilled, great, but my Joy should not be tied to it.  


  1. Yes, joy is an abiding gift from God, Ryan. We can be sad, yet still have His joy in our hearts, and that quiet confidence that everything is in His hands.

    1. I think you said it will, we can be sad yet still have joy... If Joy is an emotion, when tied to God, we never have to be without.

  2. Not sure what The Good Life is (besides a book). who is the author? I must have missed that somewhere. Joy is not in circumstances; it is often in spite of. Seek joy.

    1. The Good Life, not sure there are a number of author's to books with same or similar titles... agreed, joy cannot be found in circumstances... and I agree with your second statement as well... often in spite of.


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