Middle Man

My wife and I over the past couple years have begin carving out a long weekend (some longer than others) to pull away from the day to day activities of life and focus on reinforcing our relationship with God our Father...

A couple weekends ago was my turn and Amanda got a low cost airline alert for this weekend and so was on a plane early this morning bound for Florida.  She was meeting with a friend this evening and then was going to find her way to her rented condo and spend the next couple days on the beach.

I enjoy the beach, but I find the wilderness, the woods a good place for me to reconnect.   The beach I am too worried about the sand... However, Amanda, the beach is where she can relax.
Not having me or the kids around, she does not feel like she has to worry about preparing meals or making sure we are cared for.   This is her weekend.

It has given me an opportunity to reflect this evening.  My two youngest children, 18 and 19, decided to go catch the showing of Frozen 2... I know... My teenage son wanted to treat his "little" sister to a movie.   They had planned to go earlier in the day, however, the first showing didn't start until 6:00 P.M.   After Tae Kwan Do, they headed out.   I have to work in the morning, so I decided to stay home, clean around the house a little and then read and blog.

The title of my post is middle man... very similar to the title Tripp gives this chapter... "Caught in the Middle".  The idea is that we are always in the middle of something.  Very rarely do we go through life and not find ourselves in the middle of something.   Most of what we do in life is a process.  Whether its a project at home or work, in the middle of raising kids, or simply in the middle of traffic on the way to work (for those that have to deal with that... I am sorry).

The thing is as I read the chapter, I realized that is exactly where God wants me to be.  I am not a believer in predestination and for those that may be... I am not going to argue or really even discuss the point... the point I am going to make is that I do believe that God does know what we are going to do before we even do it.  I believe God in His infinite knowledge and wisdom has already figured out where I am going to mess up next.  He also knows where I am going to step forward and display His love, His patience, His kindness, His Self Control.... you get the point.

I believe God allows situations to occur that will direct our paths, not dictate our paths.
I believe we have a choice on which path to choose.  I also believe God makes new paths for us to take to get back to His path.

So this middle man thing, what is it about.   I believe I am a middle man.  I guess I should have gone P.C. and said Middle Person, but it's my blog... I'll stick with Middle Man.   For those that are women, you can Middle Women.   The point...   God places us in the middle.  To be a conduit of His Qualities.   Those who know and have given their life to Christ... they are "middle persons"... there I said it.  Those who are not... we are the conduit to them. 

So the question is... Who am I connecting to God.   Am I a conduit that others would want to connect with?  Am I approachable? Am I Kind, Do I speak Truth in Love and without condemnation?
I had a conduit connect me... a middle man... His name was Bryan... Who am I a middle man to?  Who are you a middle man (or woman) to?


  1. Very thoughtful post Ryan. I like the idea we are middle men (yeah I'm not going PC either). I am a representative of my Father in heaven. Just as I represented my father and mother when I was growing up, I show to whom I belong. Thanks for the challenge. Glad Amanda had a chance to get away. Should have called . We could have worked some time for eating and jawing.

    1. Thanks Bill, It was late... after 8:00 pm... or I would have.

  2. And that should be our job, Ryan, to be God's middle (wo)men in all that we think, say and do. I sure hope that through my writing, I'm connecting many people to God's love and grace; that is a constant prayer of mine. Hope Amanda enjoys her down time to rest and relax!

    1. Writing is a good conduit as well, and you do that so well. Thanks, Amanda is enjoying her time. Getting the much needed R & R she needed.


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