Not Getting What I Deserve

Growing up I am sure I repeated the phrase... "That's not fair" more times than I care to admit.  I remember a time when visiting my step-grandmother with my family and I was going through a period of rebellion and rejection in my life during the awkward preteen years.

I am not sure why I had an outburst other than just having a childish "all about me" attitude.  My oldest step-brother was given the last piece of something and nobody else got a piece.
I through the biggest hissy fit I had ever thrown.  

I was quickly and rightfully corrected, but my attitude was still deplorable.
I am sure I deserved more punishment than I got, but my mind was on not getting my way.

There are other areas where I don't get what I deserve...
It comes down to my attitude and actions that reject the one that has given me everything.

As P.D. Tripp writes... "I deserve to be forsaken"

There are so many areas and so many times in my life where I have acted contrary to the Christian I claim to be.  There are so many times where I have rejected, doubted, crossed boundaries, and wondered away that I deserve to be cast away.

However, instead of being reject.  Instead of being tossed away. Instead of being left fatherless...
I have been forgiven by the grace of a loving God that has adopted me as His child.

He has chosen me to be His...

I would trade that for the last piece of something any day!


  1. I agree with you Ryan on all counts. I have thrown my share of hissy fits-young and old. But more than that I totally agree with your last statement: I wouldn't trade the last piece of anything for being accepted and loved by the Father.

  2. Yes, we do deserve to be forsaken, Ryan, but the good Lord forgives us instead, and draws us closer to Him. Like you, I wouldn't trade anything for that!

    1. Yes, He does, thankful for that... something to think about specifically this coming week.

  3. You're definitely not alone, Ryan. So thankful for His grace, mercy, and love. That's better than the last piece of anything!

    1. Thankful as well Floyd... Grace.. .Mercy... Love... the trifecta of what I want to come first...


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