Off the Top 

I knew it was going to come... The trek back down the mountain.  I don't think it is accident that the devotion I have been reading through this week has been on joy and where we attach it.

I am pretty sure I didn't reach the peak last week... if based on "feelings", I have had more impactful, more touching, more moving moments.  I think that is ok.   My relationship with God is much more than the highs and lows.  My relationship with God is about the everyday.  My relationship with God is about the moment to moment conversations and leading.  

This is the same for all relationships. When you look your would-be spouse in the eyes for the first time across the room and share a smile.  The moment you get the courage to ask that would-be spouse to be your bride, or are asked to be His. The instant your would be spouse comes into view on your wedding day.  Anniversary trips and even coming back together after a week away traveling for work.

There are high points and there are low points in every relationship... my focus is on the average.  Not having an average relationship, but increasing the average.  Making it better day to day.  Times away, times of focus, times of 1 on 1 allow for the average to increase.   The risk is not being on guard for the trip off the mountain top. and getting stuck back in a valley.

At the top, the view is wide open... you can see for miles, you can dream, you can experience, you can be filled with excitement.  However, at the end of the experience, there is always a journey back. The obligations of life, the commitments, the expectations draw you home.   

Now what?   Do I go back to the day to day or do I make a choice to increase the average?

Coming off the top of the mountain, I have mentioned the need to "burn the plows"
Keeping in mind that "burning the plows" means not going back.  It means there is nothing to go back to.  This is not a decision to take lightly.  Elisha was so moved to do this immediately and with little hesitation.   No doubt if a prophet of God who was known for performing all sorts of miracles appeared beside me one day while I was working at the computer and said follow me... I might have the same reaction and burn my computer.  Though I don't necessarily think God works that way today and I am pretty sure I am not aware of anyone living today would meet that qualification, but you get the point.

Seeing that burning the plow is permanent, I thought I would take to the Proverbs for some wisdom.
Several verses I am leaning on and waiting for direction while continuing to push forward.

From the NLT - Proverbs 19:

2. Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good;
haste makes mistakes.

20.  Get all the advice and instruction you can,
so you will be wise the rest of your life.
21. You can make many plans,
but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.


  1. There will always be those time when we have to come off the mountain. No way were we ever meant to stay at the top. we simply can't. it is coming down (least I think so) that we find out if the mountaintop was as life-changing as we want to think it was.

    1. I do wonder Bill... no doubt I have to come back to the responsibilities of life. No doubt I am not to stay in seclusion or isolation, though... I do wonder... Does the experience have to stop? Can it not just be perpetually moving forward?
      Perhaps a thought for a post... In regards to the experience being as life-changing as I want to think it was... I think that is up to me in many ways.
      Do I take what I have learned, about me, about God, and do I run with it... Or do I simply sit on it, bury it, stuff it in a drawer and pull it out at some point in the future?


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