School House Rock

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Having been been born in the mid 70's and spending much of my early childhood Saturday mornings anticipating all the cartoons that would come from the television of our living room... School House Rock!  was a set of educational short films that were designed to provide just a little bit of education intermingled with the entertainment of the morning. 

Conjunction junction what's your function...  There is an entire YouTube channel dedicated to sharing the shorts... 

This morning, I decided to move to my next devotion in an effort to get caught up by the end of the year.   I am glad I did.

The title of the chapter - "Going To School" reminded me of the animated series of my childhood... but there is more.

The question that come out of my initial reading of the chapter...

Am I a student of Life?

The second question... 

Where do I go to school?

The title of the animated series may have the answer... 
School House Rock   ---    Though "Rock" may have a different meaning than what they intended.

What I find exciting is that last night I decided to take a short weekend sabbatical  starting tomorrow after work.  Originally I had intended to rent a cabin and isolate myself on a lake and take the time to focus on God, however, the cabins were booked up.

My wife reached out to a local ministry that hosts retreats and provides accommodations for those seeking an atmosphere of worship and focus.    They had one slot open for this weekend.

This is a much needed time for me.  Though the camping has an appeal, I think this will allow me spend more time in prayer, in worship, and sitting at the feet of Jesus... being a student.

If you would have the opportunity to pray for me this weekend as I leave technology behind and focus on what God is wanting to teach me this weekend.

Up until this morning, I didn't have a plan... However, after my first read through this chapter, I am going to use it as a springboard into the weekend and I am excited to see what God reveals.


  1. You will definitely have my prayers my friend. And you also know that if possible I will be available at a moment's notice.

  2. I'm thrilled to know you are taking this time at a retreat this weekend to sit quietly at God's feet, listening for His voice and guidance! Yes, I will definitely keep you in my prayers, Ryan.
    And thanks for letting me know that School House Rock is available on YouTube - I'd like to introduce this to Virginia.

    1. Thanks for the prayers Martha, and your welcome on the School House Rock... I just hope Virginia is as thankful :)


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