Thankfulness vs Ungreatfulness

Thanksgiving is upon us.   Many turkeys have already found their way from the farms to the freezer and are now waiting in refrigerators across the United States, thawing and awaiting final preparation for their ultimate purpose.  To be consumed along with the various other delicacies and home cooked yummies that  will be presented on Thanksgiving Day.

I am thankful that despite my kids having jobs that will make the holiday a bit unusual, we will be able to still celebrate together.  I will have to pace myself as I will be enjoying a meal with both of my boys at different times.  My youngest son works the a.m. shift, while my oldest works the afternoon in two different jobs.  My daughter has also just been hired at a large coffee shop chain that I will choose to leave nameless. 

One thing that comes to my mind this holiday season is that it can be difficult to be grateful, to be thankful.  Too often I get caught up in self and in my mind, determine that a short stick must have been drawn.

I read through another chapter yesterday and this morning and pondered posting mostly about it, however, it seemed to negative.   However, I think going into the holiday, it may be appropriate.
The title of the chapter "Why Bother" lists a couple pages on the negativity of life, the negativity in the world, the negativity in our self.  Each one followed by the phrase "Why Bother".

However, the last page provides the real reason.  We bother because Jesus Bothered.   Jesus was willing to sacrifice himself and God His Son...   That is why we bother.  That is why we don't simply give up and hang up our hats. That is why we pursue truth and share Christ's love.

I can see how the holiday could be depressing for some and could simply say... "Why Bother?"
As my kids get older, and their jobs and families pull them from "our tradition"...  I can make a choice... I can say "Why Bother?" and treat the day like any other day   OR  I can make a difference in the lives of others.  I can allow the joy to flow and possibly use the time to volunteer making meals for those that otherwise wouldn't have a meal on Thanksgiving.   I can visit those who may not get a visitor.  I can celebrate the day with simply being Thankful.   Because... there is so much to be Thankful for.    


  1. There is absolutely so much to be thankful for, Ryan, but nothing more precious and special than the love of Jesus. Let us give him thanks each and every day!

  2. Amen. There's so much to be thankful for. And I believe when we acknowledge that fact we not only bring honor to our Father, we also bring peace within through Him.

    It does take some getting used to not having the kids around like when they were young... Blessed to have had those days.

  3. So much to be thankful for . You are so right my friend.


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