The Good Life

This morning I am doing some wrestling.  I am starting day 4 post weekend and wondering where the time has gone.  No I haven't up and moved my family again for the 13th time.
No I have not considered my house a plow.  I am still at my job and haven't left the church.
So what has changed?

Not much physicilly.  To be honest if you were to look at my life on Friday and compare it to today, nothing physically has changed except maybe I am a pound or two lighter. 

I do feel more joyful.  I feel more productive.  I feel more engaged.   I have to be careful with feelings.  Feelings are fickle and often change based on the circumstance.  Coming off a good weekend of reflection and worship, it is easy to have a good start to the week, but what about next week? 

After changing my routine for the morning a bit, I read another chapter from the devotional I have been using this year.   The title, "The Good Life".

The chapter starts by asking the question...and I will paraphrase...
What is your personal definition of the good life? 

For some it is a different location, different home, different relationship, different job,  better health, more money, etc...

If I were to be completely transparent... My picture of the good life involves 40 acres of land with a small cabin in the middle.  Some rolling hills and ravines, a stream and a small lake.  A moderate climate.  A garden to provide sustenance.  A place of peace and tranquility.  A slower pace.
A place where my eventual grand-children will have a place to explore and have a desire to their recreational time.

The question becomes do I equate God's goodness with His the expectation of something more or something different.  Do I expect that God should provide a way to obtain my wants and dreams and if He does not, He some how loves me less?  Should I expect that my joy should be tied to these desires rather than simply having a relationship with God himself. 

Perhaps I am inclined to replace my joy in God and the gift of Himself with the hope and expectation of a cabin in the woods.  Maybe....just maybe that is why I don't have my cabin in the woods?
Could this be one of my plows? 


  1. I think there are a lot of people who equate God's approval of more or less with stuff, blessings, trials, etc. If I have more then I have God's approval.; if less then not. Can you say "Name it, Claim it" philosophy? I'm going out on a limb here, my friend, but I know you and I don't believe your relationship of joy with God is tied up in your cabin the woods. IMHO there is nothing wrong with a dream. It is when the dream consumes you or maybe even leads you to do something wrong to achieve it that it is dangerous.

    1. Perhaps not my joy, but to some degree, I feel I am holding back with a mindset that the day will come when the cabin in the woods will be a reality. Not going all in because of the possibility. Not sure, need to ponder a bit more.

  2. We truly need to align our desires and dreams with what God wills for us, Ryan. I remember when Danny and I first started visiting luxury cabins in the mountains for vacation, I thought it would be so perfect to be able to afford one of our own some day. Maybe retire there? But in the interim, with Danny's bouts with heart issues and the eventual pacemaker, I realize that where we live now, tucked in the woods as if we are in a distant locale, but close enough to civilization in case of emergency, I know that God planned for it to be this way all along. He is infinitely good!

    1. There is something to be said about the convenience and availability of civilization. My wife, Amanda, has some of the same concerns... not due to health, more so just having the option to be close enough... just in case.
      I think the key is your first sentence... aligning our desires and dreams with what God wills for us... that is what I am seeking.


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