What's all the Shouting About?

Finishing my devotion this morning, I was left with this phrase in my mind.

What's all the shouting about?

Tripp describes his experience at a Philadelphia 76ers game playing against the Celtics.
I don't follow Basketball, but apparently these are two rival teams.

He said the noise level before the game was incredible.  The excitement, the noise, the cheers, the enthusiasm.

I am sure we can all relate in some capacity.  Shouting, cheering for joy, cheering in the excitement, cheering in the moment.

I am sure we can also relate to the yelling that can occur when things are not going our way.
I'll admit, I have let out a yell or two in my life to share my disagreement or to vocalize my being upset.

Amanda and I did a pretty good job of not "yelling" at our kids as they grew up.   I am sure there were times where the volume increased, but there were only a few times where yelling occurred.

So what is the point...

Well Tripp attempts to link shouting with what is motivating our hearts.  He links the desires of our heart to what is vocalized through shouting.  I think He may be on to something.

When I yell, what is the reason?  Some people are just loud and enjoy yelling.  I must admit, there are times where I just shout for now reason, not in anger, but just random... sometimes when stretching.
I don't know why, I just do.

However, when stuck in traffic, what is the motivation for the shout?
When in a heated argument, what is the reason for the yell?

Typically when things bother us, if we shout about it, it is because we didn't get OUR way.
Something may be putting up roadblocks of "achieving OUR dream", the "desires of OUR heart"
You see, shouting is usually the outburst of raw emotion... and this comes from the heart.

There is the flip-side to this as well...
Psalm 27:6
I will offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of joy

Tripp points out that David's understanding of His need to sacrifice was His imperfection.... and He offered it with SHOUTS OF JOY

Raw emotion... Straight from His heart.

Though I don't shout often...I am going to work on identifying the reason behind it when I do.
Especially, when the shouts are the response to something that I have identified in my mind as negative.


  1. Shout? Who shouts? Who has a beef about others driving below the speed limit? Or cutting him off? Smh at the silliness of it. Good idea to identify why.

    1. The thought for me is when I feel the tension start to rise, think about why... What is making me angry? There will be times the anger is justified, but a I suspect far more times where it is not.

  2. We often do view shouting as negative, Ryan, but when you put it in David's context, it can be a good thing for all the right reasons. May we all find reasons to shout with joy for the Lord!


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